Quick IQ 16: Your Energetic Destination And Stepping Into The New You

How would you FEEL, and who would you be if you really made a radical transformation?

We all want radical transformation. And sometimes, it's the most foundational things that people overlook that could be holding you back.

In today's IQ episode, I cover the importance of your energetic destination and answer common questions I get all of the time. I wanted to take time to answer them and give insights you can apply in a practical, grounded way. Even though they seem simple, they are often overlooked, and never applied. If we can apply simple little techniques in our life every day, we can create real tangible transformation in our lives.

*How much and how do long do I need to work on myself to make a real transformation in my life?

* After I get results and heal and transform, can I just stop, or will I always have to work on myself?

*  How long did it take you to heal yourself?

Episodes Mentioned in IQ Episode:

Episode 91: https://brandygillmore.com/podcast-episode-091/

IQ Episode 08: (Dream Consciousness) https://brandygillmore.com/iq-episode-08


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