IQ-24: Should You Really Sit With Your Emotions Or Will It Keep You Stuck Instead?


All of the time people think that one of the first steps they should do, to not “bypass their negative emotions” is to sit with the negative emotions. But, this can backfire! And… I have seen it backfire many times before, or simply even keep people stuck for years. On today's podcast episode, I explain why that is – so you can see that it makes logical sense. AND, you will also see what you want to do instead to get radical results in your life for healing and life transformation.

Additional key insights:

*What you should do BEFORE you process your negative emotions

*What people do that can actually keep them stuck

*Why you can’t just bypass the negative

*The importance of ARC™ (Accessing Resourceful Consciousness)

Although these insights might appear simple (initially), as you will see from this episode, they have a profound impact on helping with healing and life transformation.


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