IQ-25: The Biggest Thing Impacting People’s Energy


In this episode, we explore a topic that has been coming up regularly for many of my clients since the beginning of the pandemic. For many people, this continued exposure to grief and loss as a product of COVID-19 has resulted in a residual and prolonged heaviness in their energy, similar to a proverbial storm cloud.

And it has not only presented as “heaviness” or “sadness” but it can also feel a lot like grief. Many clients I have spoken with feel as though the heaviness is bearable, but as with all things, grief is an energy that will seep into your subconscious mind and weigh down every one of your happy moments unless it is properly released.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, then this episode will move you. It will touch your heart, make you think, inspire you and clue you in on the very things that need to be addressed that everybody is overlooking at this time.

In this IQ installment, I will talk about:

  • Empathy and giving yourself permission to be happy
  • Living each day to the fullest
  • Breaking through the “heaviness” to find new hope


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