IQ-26: How Is It Possible to Transform Your Relationships


In today's “IQ” Insights & Questions episode, I share insights into some common questions I get about relationships: “Should I stay or should I leave? How do I know they are going to change? Should I find somebody else?”

This episode is packed with helpful insights, some of them include:

  • Why you are feeling triggered in your relationships (and are the triggers real?)
  • Why you attracted your relationships
  • What to do if you notice yourself trying to change the other person
  • Clearing patterns and the courage to make changes
  • Manifesting the relationship you want

This is a powerful and insightful IQ episode that can help any type of connection in life – whether it’s with family members, friends, lovers, etc.

Join me (and bring your spouse or loved one) as we dive into these insights together!

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