IQ-29: The Energy from Your House Can Affect Your Health


Have you ever wondered if the energy around your house could affect your health?  …Or what you are manifesting in your life? … if so, then you’ll want to listen in to today’s episode.

In many cases, your surroundings can definitely affect your health BUT it’s a LOT different than most people realize. The energy from your house and surroundings can affect you both positively and negatively or can do both, simultaneously.

And when it comes to your house, in general, there are many people who struggle for a lifetime to try to get their house right, but it never really gets there.  Do you know of anyone like this?  Who has been trying for years to get their house organized?  Or who feels overwhelmed by their house? As you listen to today’s episode, it will give you a different way to think about your house and the space around you.

Topics covered today:

* How your house can positively impact your energy.
* The “counterintuitive” ways that your house can negatively affect your energy – even when you don’t realize it.
* A few simple things you can do to change the energy around you.
* At the end of the episode, you can walk through your house and look around in a new way.


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