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Divine Timing to Get Your Health, Mind, and Energy Aligned for Amazing New Year – Podcast Episode 014


In the last episode, we talked about the awareness that specific blocks in your subconscious mind and energy that can stop you from making real changes in your health and life. The reality is that we all have mixed programming to an extent, but most people don’t realize it. These mind blocks are a primary reason for struggle and the reason that many people will keep repeating the same patterns in their life.  Well, as divine timing would have it, on today’s episode I work with a randomly selected volunteer, Jess. She has wonderful self-awareness and self-honesty, and, for that reason, she is able to demonstrate a very clear example of the importance of correcting this programming.  As you listen to the episode, you will be able to see just how much our thoughts create our life and how much this negative programming can affect our lives, health, relationships and really our entire life.  You will see first-hand how important it is to eradicate this way of thinking to be able to step into a life you deserve.


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