Podcast Episode 021


021: Are you subconsciously holding on to hurt? …Holding on to hurt can be unknowingly holding you back from a better life.

Today’s volunteer, Kim, states, “I don’t know whether to dance or cry.” 

There’s so much in this episode that it’s hard to give it a specific name other than heartfelt and transformational. There’s a gift in this episode for pretty much everyone! … and likely several helpful gifts. Maybe it's letting go of what is holding you back from living a better life?  Or helping to expand your mind to a new level of consciousness/awareness? or letting go of hurt and anger? Or, maybe it’s a renewed sense of gratitude for life!  Whatever message/info you are here to receive, this episode will touch your heart while doing so. From my heart so yours!


** Also, if you are wanting the Stanford/CIA research that I talked about in the episode, here is the link






Note: If you are hearing or sight impaired or have any other medical issues that would inhibit you from fully accessing the podcast, please reach out to our team at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.  

Also, please remember that genuine change and follow through are key for self-healing results. If you struggle with negative thoughts or have a chronic health issue or chronic pain, please do not avoid seeing your doctor.

Instead, your goal with self-healing should be to continue to see your doctor as recommended and blow their mind with what you are capable of with your mind and with the power of mind-body healing.  Please enjoy this self-healing podcast!

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