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Podcast Episode 023


023: Your Money, Your Energy & the Coronavirus. How they are energetically connected….

Everything happens for a reason…That said if you look at what is manifesting in our physical world other than the fear about the coronavirus itself is the negative impact on money! In this episode, we specifically cover the “money energy” that is linked to the coronavirus.  What the problem energy is, and what you can do to help change it (in your life AND in the bigger picture).  Also, surprisingly, as I was checking into the energy, I noticed that I actually had some of this energy/mindset and I didn’t even realize it. Eek! I had to clear it. You may want to check your energy as well.


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  1. Thank you for speaking so honestly and eloquently about the harm Trump’s politics are causing and how it is part of the energy of disconnection. Making people afraid to speak the truth goes along 100% with that energy. I feel so much less fear around the virus after hearing this episode!

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