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Podcast Episode 033

033: Changing Your Patterns with Money (and lack) to Help Heal Your Body!

During this time in the world, where so many are worried about both the economy and health, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. It’s a bit long BUT it keeps you on your toes! It’s so VERY insightful on a lot of levels. In the last episode I began working with Linda, a volunteer who has had ongoing patterns of lack of money that have kept her living in  financial stress. Unbeknownest to her, her patterns with money were causing so much stress and negative energy that they were effecting her health. When a person has both stress towards  money and a health issue, it can be a tough cycle which was true for Linda.  As I continue to work with “Linda” you will be able to see why money patterns and health patterns can feel so complex. But, as we continue to work, she is able to see a new way that will help her change both her health and her financial situation. This episode is filled with many key insights that will help provide you with a deeper understanding of healing (why it can be so complex), and also why patterns with money can be complex to change. Further you will also see how this can affect your health and how to change your mindset towards money to create a better, and healthier life!  (This is continued from the last episode).

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