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Podcast Episode 041

041: Do you have energy that’s subconsciously stuck in worry, fear, or overwhelm?

I just love today’s volunteer, Natasha, and I’m sure that you will too!  She’s insightful, genuine, and an absolute sweetheart! However, despite all of her amazingness, she has been dealing with ongoing health issues for most of her life (since the age of 7). In today’s episode, Natasha and I dive deep into the energetic links that are connected to her health issues which leads us to unexpected past events. If you are working on a health issue or if you have endured years of stress, fear, worry, or abuse –that may be stuck in your energy/nervous system– and you are ready to free yourself from it, then come join us! This episode is for you!

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  1. Find the podcasts so helpful.
    I feel a lot of compassion for Natasha. It’s great to hear her breathing and voice change from the beginning to the end of the session.

    1. Hi Bernadette, I love you are finding the podcasts so helpful. And I love that you noticed how much her breathing and voice changed. It was so beautiful for me to watch also. Thank you for your feedback, it truly touches my heart. <3 Brandy

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