🎙️ 092: Self-love, Self-criticism & are you overlooking this?

Heart-touching and “behind the scenes” eye-opening!

If you have ever wanted further insight into HOW Brandy is able to coach someone with their mind and wanted a deeper level of understanding, then you DEFINITELY won't want to miss this episode. It is common for people to misunderstand or only see the simplicity in the transformation but, in many cases, they are not seeing the whole picture.  In this episode, Brandy sheds light and a lot more clarity on her work with the mind.

And, for your heart, your happiness and your future, it would be wise to fully take in the transformation of self-love from this episode. Unfortunately, a lot of people learn about how powerful our thoughts are BUT still end up using their own power against themselves through self-criticism. This episode really hones in on the importance ~ and transformation ~ into self-love and self support.


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