🎙️ 093: Is Your Health Issue Blocking Your Success?

Imagine for a moment feeling young and ambitious with your entire life ahead of you. You look around and can see that your dreams are really starting to come to fruition… life just keeps getting better. You have a wonderful spouse, you're achieving your goals.. but then you end up with debilitating pain that puts a wrench in your day and your joy. The pain is relentless and frustrating and is distracting you from putting your full focus on becoming who you want to become in the world.  If that was the case…do you think it's possible that your pain might be blocking you? …OR  distracting you from achieving your goals? …your success? or money?  This happens WAY more often than people realize and this is the case for today's volunteer, Sumanyu.

The moment you “meet” him on today's episode, you will immediately connect with how smart, charming, witty and funny he is. He has amazing self-awareness and intuition and you immediately will find yourself rooting for his success. He is young and full of life but, unfortunately, has been stuck in pain for 7 years now.

As we dive in, you will notice that the link in his mind is MUCH different than most people think it would be and it's much different than he thought it was.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to mind body healing. Most people erroneously think that ailments are connected to a “trauma.” In fact I have seen people spend years and even decades of their lives trying to figure out which “trauma” was connected to their illness only to eventually find out that there wasn't one.

Instead the disharmony in their body was connected to their feelings about their success and they didn't even realize it.  So, their search for trauma's was essentially distracting them from what they really want:  BOTH a loving family as well as success & money.

Today's episode is initially very counterintuitive, but as you listen in it will open your heart and mind and will help you make breakthroughs on your energy with health and money!

PS… If you would like the additional training and techniques mentioned in the session, here is the link: https://brandygillmore.com/freebonustraining

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