167: 3 Common Ways People Block Their Healing & Transformation

Are you unknowingly blocking your healing and transformation? Unbeknownst to us, we may be limiting our own progress. All of the time, Brandy works with people who get stuck in certain areas of their life, and often the answers are buried deep within our subconscious mind, so much so that we can find ourselves justifying or trying to validate our beliefs and mindset instead of shifting how we feel about it and creating lasting change.

In this episode, Brandy continues part 3 of working with our lovely volunteer Veronica who has had various health issues for many years. Listen in as Brandy shares 3 common ways people block their healing and what you can do instead. She’ll also discuss the importance of programming in positive Emotional Reflexes™ for positivity.

Whether you’re actively on your healing journey or you have a desire to genuinely shift your mindset to uplevel your life, this episode has key insights which can help transform multiple areas of your life.

Come join us!

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Topics:  guilt, happiness, success, abundance, greed, judgement

Note: If you are hearing or sight impaired or have any other medical issues that would inhibit you from fully accessing the podcast, please reach out to our team at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.  

Also, please remember that genuine change and follow through are key for self-healing results. If you struggle with negative thoughts or have a chronic health issue or chronic pain, please do not avoid seeing your doctor.

Instead, your goal with self-healing should be to continue to see your doctor as recommended and blow their mind with what you are capable of with your mind and with the power of mind-body healing.  Please enjoy this self-healing podcast!

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