Heal Yourself, Change Your Life Podcast

On these episodes, you get to listen in while Brandy coaches live callers to get physical healing results – using only their mind! She then provides you with a summary of the call, to help you implement the information into in your life to help you heal yourself from dis-ease, injuries, chronic pain, emotional pain, or just being stuck in life.

5 Simple Steps to Increase Happiness and Release Anxiety / Negativity

Podcast Episode 052

    Since we’ve all heard that “stress can affect your body” it makes logical sense that negative energy towards money can be subconsciously linked

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Podcast Episode 051

    It's common for people to feel stuck with ongoing feelings of negativity or anxiety which was the case for today's volunteer, Clare. However,

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Podcast Episode 050

    You are going to love today’s episode for many reasons. First and foremost, it speaks to issues that are affecting a lot of

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Podcast Episode 049

    If you have ever wanted to “live out loud” but felt like fear was holding you back from doing so, you are definitely

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Podcast Episode 048

    In some cases the missing link for healing can be buried deep within your subconscious mind. In other cases, the “issue” is well-known

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Podcast Episode 047

  047: The “Miracle” of Healing Chronic Pain If you are someone who loves to witness the miracle of our own minds and you’re wanting

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Podcast Episode 045

  045: Simplifying the Complexities with Releasing Negative Energy/Patterns Working with your mind/energy to heal your body can feel very complex. This is due to

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Podcast Episode 044

  044: Freeing yourself from karma to live happy & healthy! Today's volunteer, Nora, has been suffering for many years from a variety of health

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When Brandy works with live callers to get healing results she makes the process look very easy. Please remember that Brandy has been working with mind/body healing for well over a decade. Do not stop seeing your doctor. Please see full medical disclaimer.

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