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Podcast Episode 016


016: Many people are (unknowingly) blocking their own healing, happiness and success! …Are you?

There are so many powerful insights in just this one episode! But, if I narrow it down to one theme, it would be clarity!  In this episode, I work with a volunteer who you are just going to love!  She has been on a path of trying to heal for over 30 years! As I work with her, you will witness her heartbreaks and then her breakthroughs in uncovering things that she didn’t even realize were an issue. The truth is that many people are stuck in old ways of thinking and being that keeps them from living a healthy, happy and successful life. And, in most cases, they don’t even realize it’s happening, or that they can change it.


If you would like to read the blog article that is mentioned in this episode, you can simply click HERE  to go to the  blog article 


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  1. This was so awesome. Thank you both for your help. Dana I have some of the same same very similar issues and I was getting feared up and then crying 😢 a lot. This was great coaching and fabulous work Dana ♥️♥️ Love you and thank you .

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