238: Overcoming People Pleasing for Better Health and Relationships

Have you ever wondered how constantly seeking approval and avoiding conflict might be affecting your health? People-pleasing is a common behavior that many engage in, often without realizing the toll it takes on their well-being. By consistently prioritizing others' needs above your own and striving to keep the peace, you might be compromising your physical health in significant ways.

In this episode, Brandy works with a wonderful volunteer, Peter to unravel the complexities of people-pleasing and reveal the hidden health risks connected to this behavior. Peter's struggle isn't just physical—his pain is tied to the stress and emotional burden of people-pleasing, making his daily activities far from enjoyable.

If you find yourself stuck in a place of people-pleasing, it's essential to understand why. Is it driven by fear of abandonment, loss of love, or other deep-seated anxieties? This episode will help you explore these questions and recognize these patterns in your own life so you can transform them to feel safe, and foster positive expectations for the future. This episode is filled with profound insights to help you reclaim your health and happiness.

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Topics: people-pleasing, relationships, health, workplace, complex patterns

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