232: Feeling “Not Good Enough” – Creating Confidence & Self-Healing

This episode is sweet, brilliant, and insightful! Brandy works with a beautiful volunteer, Demi, who has been suffering from heightened levels of stress. This stress has been creating tension throughout her body and shoulders, causing her to clench her jaws and disrupting her ability to feel at peace. However, the stress did not make […]

IQ-152: A 3-Minute Exercise for Mind-Body Healing

Sometimes we learn the most from a simple hands-on experience. That’s one of the many things that are really profound about today’s episode is that all of the time, Brandy mentions how the more she was able to get clear with her mind on what she needed to do, the easier it was for […]

231: Hidden Factors for Self-Healing and Long-Covid

Have you ever wondered whether the force that is keeping you stuck on your healing and life transformation journey lies hidden within the recesses of your own mind? In this episode, Brandy works with a lovely volunteer, Lauren, on a profound exploration of the subconscious, unveiling beliefs that have silently shaped her health, relationships, […]

IQ-151: The Importance of a Deeper Understanding of Your Mind

Remember when you first started using a computer or a new cell phone? It might have felt challenging to navigate and get the results you wanted. But as you learned and advanced your skills, it became easier. The same is true when it comes to mind-body healing. The deeper your understanding of your own […]

230: The Key to Lasting Healing and Transformation

The keys to achieving radical results include an insightful understanding of the subconscious mind, a willingness to change, and a commitment to follow through. In today’s episode, Brandy guides a wonderful volunteer, Victoria, who exemplifies these principles beautifully. During her session with Brandy, Victoria uncovers patterns hidden within her subconscious, previously unknown to her, that […]

229: Can You Release Pain in 20 Minutes?

Could your greatest strengths be holding you back? All of us have qualities that make us who we are, but what if the very things we think of as our strengths can also be our biggest hindrances? In this week’s volunteer episode Brandy works with our beautiful volunteer Gloria who has been experiencing pain for […]

Extra Healing Insight: “The 4-Minute Mind™”

One of the biggest challenges to getting real results with mind-body healing is the fact that there’s a lot of misconceptions. And that information may seem a bit tricky. That said, in today’s episode, Brandy adds more clarity to the topic of belief and its role in mind, body healing. Many are familiar with the […]

IQ-149: Four Key Insights to Improving Your Intuition and Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom

Have you ever pondered how to harness your intuition more effectively, aligning your decisions with your deepest desires and goals? Leaders and visionaries, including Einstein with his famous endorsement of intuition as a ‘sacred gift,’ and Oprah, a long-time advocate of intuitive guidance, have long celebrated the power of intuition. Einstein publicly credited his groundbreaking […]

228: Identifying Ingrained Patterns & Suppressed Feelings To Radically Heal

Today’s episode offers profound insights on how ingrained patterns can hinder self-healing. Additionally, it can be common for people to unknowingly reinforce the very patterns that are affecting their health. This is more common than most people may realize, which is part of what makes this episode so profound: it is easy to observe how […]

227: Uncovering Hidden Complexities – Insights to Break Free and Heal

Do you ever feel like there are unseen forces holding you back from healing and progressing in life, despite your efforts to improve your health and well-being? In this episode, Brandy explores the intricate depths of our minds and emotions, unraveling the concealed patterns and emotional ties that subtly impact our well-being, relationships, and healing […]

IQ-147: Beyond “Belief” – Tapping Into the Body’s Subtle Signals for Deep Healing

During Brandy’s period of injury, she experienced certain events and profound realizations that played a crucial role in providing her with the clarity and understanding necessary for self-healing. In today’s episode, Brandy not only shares some of the most significant insights but also presents a simple yet impactful exercise designed to help you create […]

226: Unmasking The Hidden Emotions Connected to Physical Pain

Have you ever considered how deeply your emotions, hidden away in your subconscious, can influence your physical health? In this episode, Brandy delves into the fascinating connection between the mind and body, revealing how unresolved emotional patterns can manifest as physical symptoms and pain. All too often, these subconscious emotions, including those we may […]

IQ-146: Is This Common Barrier Blocking Your Power To Heal or Transform Your Life

Many times, even when people are aware of the power of the mind to transform their happiness and health, they find themselves stuck. They may feel like they’ve exhausted all options, but they don’t realize that a big part of the problem is that they have “hidden” misconceptions that are holding them back. That’s […]

225: Unlocking the Overlooked: Transformational Keys to Happiness, Peace, and Wellness

Ever wonder what you’re missing on your path to happiness, health, and peace? Join Brandy as she unveils the hidden secrets that hold the key to profound health, happiness, and transformative mental shifts. Today’s episode is all about the subtle but powerful things we often overlook that can dramatically shift our health, life, mindset, […]

IQ-145: Surprising Subconscious Influences Affecting Our Relationships and Connections

If you have been focusing on self-healing or transforming your life, you probably understand that certain aspects can be challenging. One such aspect is the subconscious mind, which, as the name suggests, lies beneath consciousness. Because it is below consciousness, it can be elusive and difficult to identify the patterns impacting your life. That’s […]

223: Overcoming Negativity and Reclaiming Happiness and Safety

Have you ever felt as though your mind was wired for negativity or found it difficult to experience happiness? If so, know that you are not alone. In today’s episode, Kristen, our volunteer, shares her journey of spending years in therapy. Despite her best efforts, she has felt stuck and weighed down by trauma. […]

IQ-143: Are You Unknowingly Blocking What You’re Manifesting?

If you’ve been working on manifesting new things in your life, such as a relationship, business or career change, or a life change, you’re probably aware that there are blocks that can keep you from manifesting what you’re wanting. However, what makes this episode truly thought-provoking is that  Brandy highlights a hidden block that is […]

222: Rediscovering Joy and Connection in Your Relationships

Relationships can be some of the most rewarding and beautiful parts of our lives where we connect with people, feel loved. Or they can also be the most painful where we feel triggered and hurt. And of course, these triggers and hurts can impact our health, and our life and our happiness which is […]

IQ-142: One Thing Everyone Should Know About Medicine Journeys/Psychedelics

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably heard the growing buzz surrounding psychedelics and medicine journeys like ayahuasca and ketamine, among others. Over the years, I’ve been frequently asked for my opinion on this matter. Until now, I have avoided the topic, as I didn’t want to endorse or criticize it. However, recently there […]

220: Taking Your Healing and Your Relationships to the Next Level

Join us for today’s podcast episode where Brandy takes us through the often unspoken aspects of relationships and their impact on our physical and emotional well-being. Relationships can be a “sore subject” in ways that may not be immediately apparent. When people think of healing from relationships, they often focus on feelings of loss, […]

219: Breaking Free: The Power of Your Mind in Overcoming Pain

Are you feeling stuck in the cycle of physical or emotional pain? Ever wonder if there’s more you can do to overcome this barrier and truly break free? Our minds hold immense power. The thoughts we nurture and the beliefs we hold about ourselves can significantly influence our experiences and shape our reality. Sometimes, […]

218: Getting Rid of Unwanted Relationship Patterns to Heal

This episode is truly enlightening as it uncovers intriguing, obscure, and counterintuitive aspects of healing. It reveals that the very things we consciously try to avoid can actually manifest in our lives due to hidden subconscious programming. This episode is part 2 of Brandy’s session with our wonderful volunteer, Amy. Like everyone, she has her […]

IQ-138: Why Can It Feel So Hard to Release Trauma?

Do you ever feel like you’re pouring your heart into changing and growing, but somehow, the results just don’t seem to show up? Or maybe you sense that a big breakthrough is right around the corner, but it’s just out of reach for some reason? In this week’s special IQ episode, Brandy opens up about […]

217: Navigating Counterintuitive Mind Programming to Evolve Your Mind & Consciousness

Have you ever pondered the potential impact of subtle negative emotions in relationships on your overall well-being? Have you considered that your own actions might also be contributing to the problem? When considering the impact of emotions on our health, we often associate it with feelings of victimization or hurt. Surprisingly, even the act of […]

216: Restoring the Magic in Your Relationships, Health & Life

Have you ever felt like you’re just going through the motions in life, especially in your relationships? Are you feeling overwhelmed with health challenges? Do you feel guilty taking time off for self-care? In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s all too easy to feel as though we’ve lost the magic. We get […]

IQ-135: Pivotal Insights for Self-Healing and Transformation

Do you ever find yourself questioning why certain healing approaches don’t seem to work, or feel like you’re stuck repeating the same mistakes in your quest for wellness? In this deeply personal and enlightening quick IQ episode, Brandy opens up about her rollercoaster journey of healing, revealing the key epiphanies and profound lessons that became […]

214: Flourishing in Life: The Power of Self-Love and Letting Go of Self-Judgment

Feeling overwhelmed by self-criticism and the relentless pressures you place on yourself? You’re not alone. Many of us are our own worst critics, holding ourselves to impossibly high standards and feeling defeated when we fall short. Imagine, instead, a life where self-love reigns and your inner critic is replaced with an inner cheerleader, celebrating your […]

IQ-134: Embracing Perspectives: Pathways to Peace and Self-Healing

Have you ever wondered how the simple act of understanding different viewpoints can be a catalyst for inner peace and healing? In this quick IQ episode, Brandy invites you to explore the transformative power of empathy and open-mindedness as she shares insights into the intricacies of human perceptions, illustrating how the practice of acknowledging and […]

213: Spiraling Upwards Into Hope and Healing

Have you ever felt trapped in a downward spiral, wondering if there’s a way out? In life, it’s easy to get stuck in patterns of negativity and hopelessness. We often find ourselves caught in emotional reactivity, which can lead to feeling stuck, blocked, and without a way out. But what if we told you there’s […]

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