166: Happiness, Success and How it Can Affect Your Health

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

So often, people may have underlying feelings of judgment towards greed or even feel guilty for feeling happy or feeling as though others will be jealous if they’re happy or successful. Unknowingly, these feelings can impact your health and your life.  In today’s episode, Brandy works with Veronica to help her identify subconscious emotional patterns […]

165 – Hidden Guilt Patterns Can Affect Your Health & Life

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

Are your hidden guilt patterns affecting your life? Even if you are *happy*, your patterns and how you feel about others (and even your own self-identity) can directly affect your health, happiness, and even your finances. And…it doesn’t have to be this way. In today’s podcast episode, Brandy works with a beautiful volunteer, Veronica, who […]

163: Accessing More of Your Power/Letting Go of Subconscious Disempowerment

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

Is there an area of your life that you feel disempowered in? Whether it is your health, relationships, finances, or any other area of your life. These types of feelings can have a direct impact on your health and happiness. As you may know by now, our thoughts create our lives, as you’ll see with […]

161: The Importance Of Restoring/Empowering Feelings of Safety In Life

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

Feeling safe and having positive expectations about life and the future can have a dramatic impact in our health and our lives. And that awareness that more and more people are waking up to their true power is exciting. But how do we start feeling safe? What does it mean to be in the moment […]

160: Shifting Your Consciousness For More Ease & Making The Most Out Of Life

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

Creating a genuine shift in your consciousness can open the doors to an amazing life. In this week’s podcast episode, Brandy continues part 2 with our beautiful volunteer Andrew who has been experiencing pain and struggles for many years. As Brandy continues to work with Andrew, she helps him uncover an area of pain and […]

159: Letting Go Of Struggle In Life To Embrace Ease

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

It can be very common for people to feel like it’s noble to persevere in life through struggle. There can be a feeling of “pride” to endure the struggles and pain in life for many people. What if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if you can transform your feelings of struggle so […]

IQ-79: Getting Unstuck From The Emotion-Consciousness Cycle™

Emotional-Consciousness Cycle

Many of us experience pain, suffering, or disappointment in our lives, And when that’s occurring, you can feel as though there is no way out. You may feel trapped by an illness or pain, and it can be impossible to break free from this situation. The pain and suffering that we experience can feel like […]

158: Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, And Approval

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

What if a lack of self-love and a lack of feeling of approval or acceptance was holding you back or affecting your health?  The feeling of wanting approval or acceptance is a very real and common human experience. Many people experience feelings of wanting approval or acceptance, whether it be from parents, a caregiver, spouses, […]

IQ-78: Transforming Painful Relationships To Have A More Harmonious Life

All of us have various types of relationships in our lives, and even the best of relationships have ebbs and flows. Some are harmonious, and others can be painful and very difficult. Sometimes, you can’t get the person out of your life so it’s important for your health and well-being to transform the relationship or […]

157: Accepting Your Sexuality & Letting Go Of Guilt

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

 Feeling the need to please others can lead us down an unhealthy path of self-judgment. In this podcast episode, Brandy continues working with Dave, who has had some guilt and shame-related struggles that affect his health and sleep. This episode takes an unexpected turn and provides some insights you won’t want to miss. Listen […]

IQ-77 – Identify and Transform Painful Spiritual Patterns To Create Genuine Growth

 When people start working with their minds or they get into spirituality, oftentimes, they end up unknowingly creating patterns that are not serving them. This common mistake can affect your health, your relationships, and all areas of your life. In today’s podcast episode, Brandy shares two very important insights to help you identify and […]

156: A Deeper Understanding Of Your Brain

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

Your mind is a powerful tool, and understanding how your brain works can be life-changing. In part two of Brandy’s session with her wonderful volunteer, Dave, Brandy helps him go deep to identify key programming that has been counterintuitive and affecting his health and happiness. This is the perfect podcast episode for anyone who wants […]

IQ-76: Asking The Universe To Delete Old Programming & Struggles

If you’ve ever wondered how or what to ask the Universe, today’s quick IQ episode is for you. In it, Brandy answers some thought-provoking questions from a listener on Instagram. Brandy shares some powerful insights about working with our minds and asking Universe/God/Divine (whatever that is for you) for help. This could be asking for […]

155: Feeling Shame Or Guilt About Your Sexual Intimacy Can Unknowingly Affect You

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

 Have you ever felt guilty or ashamed of your own desires? Unfortunately, feeling shame or guilt about sex can affect your health and life. And for many people, feelings of shame or guilt have been buried deep for so many years they don’t even realize it’s affecting them. In today’s episode, Brandy works with […]

154: Creating Real Change & Freeing Yourself From Long Held Emotional Patterns

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

 Our minds are incredibly powerful, and when we’re able to tap into that power, we can create profound transformation in our health, our relationships, and in our lives. As Brandy continues with part 3 of her session with her volunteer, Sophia, you’ll see just how capable our minds are and how quickly and easily […]

IQ-74: Creating An Empowered Life With Genuine Self-Love


Self-love can often be seen as a selfish act, but nothing could be further from the truth. When you love yourself, you are empowered to be better able to show up for those around you, and it’s so important to healing and health. In this quick IQ Episode, join Brandy as she shares a powerful […]

153: Are You Validating The Very Thing That Could Be Holding You Back?

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

Most people want to feel understood or validated, but what if that was the very thing that was holding you back? Today’s volunteer episode is short but powerful, as Brandy continues working with Sophia. Listen in as she shares a very powerful insight you’ll want to know when trying to heal or uplevel your life. […]

IQ-73: Identifying Hidden Emotional Patterns

emotional patterns

In this quick IQ episode, Brandy shares her insights on the importance of identifying hidden emotional patterns. She provides key examples that illustrate how these patterns can affect everything from relationships to health–and why radically transforming them is so important for living a happy life!  She also takes a question from a listener about common […]

152: Two Common Culprits for Being Stuck

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

If you’re like most people, you’ve been on the healing journey for a long period of time, trying everything you can to try to heal yourself and change your life. And in many cases, Brandy finds that there are certain patterns that can keep people stuck that many people don’t even see are there. Today’s […]

IQ-72: A Simple Way To Start Transforming Relationship Patterns In Your Life

People have ongoing hurts they experience from their relationships. Some of these patterns begin from our childhood or through childhood wounding. Others develop later in life. However, the way you relate to people in your life can have a big impact on both the quality of those relationships and your health. In this short episode, […]

150: Recognizing Your Strengths & Finding The Gifts In Your Healing Journey

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

 Many times we can be quick to focus on our weaknesses and what we lack in life. So often, people are overlooking the strengths they have to take their life to the next level. Today’s podcast episode continues part two with our lovely volunteer, Sarah. As Brandy continues to work with Sarah to release […]

IQ-70: How To Navigate Your Relationships With Others Who Are Negative

navigate relationships with negativity

Do you find yourself trying to fix others who are negative? What if there’s a better way?  If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had the experience of being around someone who is negative and finding yourself trying to fix them. In this quick IQ episode Brandy answers a listener’s question about how to talk […]

149: Low Energy? Having Trouble Stepping Into Success in Love And/Or Life?

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

Most people don’t realize that low energy and fatigue is actually trying to tell you something very important. Imagine if part of your mind is wanting to have more success, more love, more joy, and more happiness in life – But the other part of your mind is putting on the brakes.  It’s afraid of […]

IQ-69: In Some Cases, A Certain “Type” of Faith May Be Needed for Healing

having faith when trying to heal

As you can tell by listening to past episodes when Brandy works with a volunteer to help them radically release their pain or heal their body, our minds are truly incredible. And what Brandy is doing is really helping them to change their mind programming and their specific emotional-energetic connections in the mind. However, a […]

148: If You Have Ever Been Hurt In A Relationship

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

Have you ever been hurt in a relationship in the past? Many people get hurt in relationships and then struggle to find meaningful love. And there could be subconscious patterns that are running very strong in your subconscious mind that are actually keeping you from manifesting the love and the connection and joy and health […]

IQ-68: Commonly Overlooked Factors You *Need* To Know When Working With the Mind

common overlooked factors working with the mind

Real change and determination are so significant when transforming your health and life. But unfortunately, when working to shift their health, depression, or other emotional patterns, most of the time, people will try to use logic and reason to heal. But that’s not enough- and this is where many people get stuck. This can be […]

147: The Key Factor In Uncovering Hidden Links In The Subconscious Mind

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

Today’s episode is exceptionally insightful for countless reasons. First, as you listen to today’s volunteer, Alaina, you’ll notice that, as she mentioned, she has many intense emotions. Feelings of anger, frustration, and overwhelm. And any time someone has a lot of emotions showing up, it’s harder to understand what’s really going on in their subconscious […]

IQ-67: The Hidden Key To Healing… (It’s Different Than Most People Think)

hidden secrets to healing

Most people don’t realize that multiple key factors in the subconscious mind can be linked to illness, and the longer that you have an illness, the more hidden components there can be.  In today’s short IQ episode, Brandy answers a really great question from a listener about understanding how healing works with the mind. If […]

146: Take Back Your Power (Relationship & Healing Transformation)

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

Today’s podcast episode is inspiring, insightful and most of all, empowering and life-changing! It will touch your heart in many ways! When it comes to struggles in relationships, sometimes you can get caught up in feelings of frustration, upset, or anger. Unfortunately, these patterns can show up in your life (and even your health) in […]

IQ-66: Ways to Avoid Manifesting Negative Problems

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to manifesting negative things in our lives. And in fact, some of them can actually keep YOU from manifesting the very thing you are wanting. Today’s question comes from a listener and is a very powerful topic that is truly divine timing. Her question is around […]

145: If You’ve Ever Felt Stuck…This Is The Episode For You

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

 As many people can attest, getting out of your own way is often difficult. If you’ve ever been stuck, you know that something needs to shift and really change. What happens when you can’t see your way out? This podcast episode will resonate with so many. Listen in as Brandy works with our wonderful […]

IQ-65: A Simple But Profound *Pivot* That Changed My Life (And Can Change Yours Too!)

pivot in changing your life

Today’s IQ episode is short but profound, and if you’re willing to listen with an open mind can help many people get unstuck when it comes to self-healing. There’s a really great question from a listener which demonstrates a common place where most people get stuck. Brandy personally experienced being stuck with this very same […]

144: Do You Ever Feel Like Life Is A Constant Uphill Battle?

Heal Yourself Change Your Life

Today’s episode may surprise you how common beliefs that people have, such as things like “life isn’t fair” can actually impact your health and your life, even when you don’t realize it’s happening. That said, everyone should listen to today’s episode! It provides so many insights on transformation, on understanding how patterns can hold you […]

IQ-64 Is This *Belief* About Life Keeping You Stuck?

beliefs keeping you stuck

This one *belief* is often cited as one of the most valuable aspects in life. But could there be something missing in that way of thinking that could leave you stuck, and unable to move forward in life? In this quick IQ episode, Brandy shares powerful insights from a comment that came in from a […]