075: When healing leads you to finding your purpose & passion!

Have you felt stuck in life? health? and money? …or unable to access your heart’s true purpose and passion? For many people, their souls real desires are buried and hiding deep inside of them and they don’t even realize it!  That was the case for today’s volunteer, Mirka, who you will fall in love with. […]

073: Heal your relationships, boost your sex life & heal your chronic pain

By using the key insights from this episode my volunteer, Karolina, was able to transform her health and her relationship – which she  didn’t even realize was an issue, initially.  In fact, she was shocked to discover that her chronic pain was linked to her husband (especially considering that they are newly wed and she […]

072: Breaking through stuck patterns for happiness, self-love and healing!

Today’s volunteer, Jamie, has life-long stuck patterns that have been creating hurt and struggle in her daily life and also blocking her from her healing & true happiness. By breaking these patterns down, simplifying them and getting a different understanding of the mind, she was able to break through patterns that previously felt impossible to […]

071: How to work with your mind in a “different” way for healing

Episode 071 – How To Work With Your Mind In A “Different” Way For Healing As you know, if you want different results than others (many of whom have been stuck on their healing journey for years) then you must do things differently. This is VERY clearly demonstrated on today’s podcast episode. Our volunteer, Jaime, […]

Your Intuition. Money. Immune. Thyroid. CRP.

This episode is very empowering and contains several key insights! Our volunteer, Shukri, had several health issues including inflammation, thyroid abnormalities, a weakened immune system and more. During the course of our conversation several powerful topics came up on everything from following your intuition to healing, money and more. Come join us. You won’t want […]

Releasing What You Cannot “See” & Past “Karma” For Rapid Healing

Today’s episode with our volunteer, Lorraine, is one of the most “eye-opening” episodes so far. Lorraine is not new to “positive thinking,” she’s actually been studying metaphysics and spirituality for over 20 years. Despite her extensive knowledge, daily spiritual practices, and trying everything she can think of, she has been stuck in her life and […]

Tapping into your own gifts, money and healing

Today’s episode provides powerful insights on several important topics, including everything from physical healing, and healing money patterns to guilt and also tapping into your own gifts… and likely you’ll want to just hug our volunteer, Melissa. She is so sweet and authentic AND has a wonderful sense of humor. This episode IS a […]

Podcast Episode 061

This episode will be enlightening for a LOT of people! You will love today’s volunteer, Sophie. She is so sweet.  Unfortunately, she has been suffering from physical pain for many years. As I work with Sophie to help her release her physical pain, I also address some major misconceptions about self-healing that come up. Additionally, […]

Podcast Episode 060

Let’s face it, if you have been working on your energy and subconscious mind then you know that it’s called “subconscious” for a reason. It’s “below consciousness” which creates blind spots. In addition to blind spots, there are also a LOT of misconceptions about healing. Unfortunately, this combination can keep anyone stuck which is […]

Podcast Episode 059

Today’s episode is so powerful: it’s packed with key insights, it’s extremely inspiring, and has so much heart that it will touch your soul. It does mine. Our volunteer, Trina, is truly an amazing woman who unfortunately went through several hard challenges over the past few years. But, as you will see, she lifts herself […]

Podcast Episode 058

Shifting your energy and also expanding your consciousness are both key for healing your body. However your conscious mind can unknowingly sabotage this process and keep you stuck on your healing journey. On today’s episode, I work with a wonderful volunteer, Nicole, who you are absolutely going to love! As I coach her to release […]

Podcast Episode 057

Now more than ever it’s important for everyone to feel empowered in their health and life! Today’s volunteer, Jess, demonstrates that empowerment so beautifully. She was a volunteer on a previous episode and has been able to embrace real change in her health and life which is awesome! …however, there are still a few tricky […]

Podcast Episode 056

    Today’s episode is a bit complex/advanced however it speaks directly to a common issue that will keep many people from creating what they want in several areas of life including healing, life in general, or feeling loved in relationships which is the case for our volunteer, Diana.  She has suffered from several health […]

Podcast Episode 055

    This is divine timing! Today’s volunteer, Nathanial, has been feeling very stuck in his career (and dreams) and has been experiencing a lot of frustration. As I work begin to work with Nathanial, he can start to see the specific pattern that has been blocking his success. If you have felt held back […]

Podcast Episode 054 – Have You Been Feeling Stuck?

    If you have been feeling stuck with your health, physical pain, or moving forward in life, then you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode! It has the power to help you gain the clarity needed to free yourself from the stuckness, as it did with our volunteer, Alessandra.  She felt extremely stuck […]

Podcast Episode 053

    In the last episode, we could see that our volunteer’s pain was connected to her feelings towards money. In today’s episode, we take that awareness to the next level by helping our volunteer shift these beliefs to release her own pain. During the process of working with Paige, there are several insights for […]

Podcast Episode 052

    Since we’ve all heard that “stress can affect your body” it makes logical sense that negative energy towards money can be subconsciously linked to your health issue. BUT what doesn’t always make logical sense is the actual mind programming itself. In fact, when it comes to money it is common for me to […]

Podcast Episode 051

    It’s common for people to feel stuck with ongoing feelings of negativity or anxiety which was the case for today’s volunteer, Clare. However, on today’s podcast, using 5 very simple steps, Clare was able to radically shift her negative feelings into positivity and optimism! In fact, by the end of the episode, she […]

Podcast Episode 050

    You are going to love today’s episode for many reasons. First and foremost, it speaks to issues that are affecting a lot of people these days. And secondly, you’re going to LOVE our volunteer, Lorin. She is a schoolteacher who is just so genuine, down to earth and wonderful – but unfortunately has […]

Podcast Episode 049

    If you have ever wanted to “live out loud” but felt like fear was holding you back from doing so, you are definitely not alone. What most people don’t realize is that this mindset can actually affect your health. In this episode, I work with my volunteer, Amanda, who has been stuck in […]

Podcast Episode 048

    In some cases the missing link for healing can be buried deep within your subconscious mind. In other cases, the “issue” is well-known –– though no one typically realizes that emotional issues can be linked to their health –– which is the case for today’s volunteer, Amanda.  She has been experiencing extreme shoulder […]

Podcast Episode 047

  047: The “Miracle” of Healing Chronic Pain If you are someone who loves to witness the miracle of our own minds and you’re wanting to take your health and life to the next level, you’ll love this episode. It’s fun, light, and insightful!  In today’s episode, I coach my volunteer, Bianca, to miraculously release […]

Podcast Episode 046

  046: Laughing & Bringing out the Best in Yourself for Healing If you like to laugh, learn and take your life to the next level, then this episode is for you!  Today’s volunteer, Liesel, has been on the healing journey for over 10 years but unfortunately is still struggling with several health issues. In […]

Podcast Episode 045

  045: Simplifying the Complexities with Releasing Negative Energy/Patterns Working with your mind/energy to heal your body can feel very complex. This is due to several factors, the top three being: #1: the lack of clarity/awareness of the mind/body connection. #2: the way people typically work with their minds isn’t optimal. #3: because some situations are […]

Podcast Episode 044

  044: Freeing yourself from karma to live happy & healthy! Today’s volunteer, Nora, has been suffering for many years from a variety of health issues ranging from stomach & digestive pain to cancer. As I begin to work with Nora, several key things come up for her, including not having permission to be happy […]

Podcast Episode 043

  043: Shoulder & Back Pain. Hurt. Healing. Money & Success. [the primary topics that come up] Today’s volunteer, Fatima, has extreme shoulder pain and has had back pain for over 10 years! She has tried everything yet has been unable to find relief.  This episode is a clear example of how the mind can hold […]

Podcast Episode 042

  042: Turning a Life of Illness & Trauma into a Healthy, Happy Walk in the Park This episode touches my heart in so many ways.  Our volunteer from the last episode, Natasha, has spent most of her life struggling with health issues that have limited her day to day life. And now that Natasha […]

Podcast Episode 041

041: Do you have energy that’s subconsciously stuck in worry, fear, or overwhelm? I just love today’s volunteer, Natasha, and I’m sure that you will too!  She’s insightful, genuine, and an absolute sweetheart! However, despite all of her amazingness, she has been dealing with ongoing health issues for most of her life (since the age […]

Podcast Episode 040

040: Overwhelm & people-pleasing can be linked to your physical pain Today’s volunteer, Hannah, has been experiencing chronic, debilitating pain for over 15 years. She’s tired of missing out on life and not being able to do the things she loves! In this episode, I coach Hannah to use her mind to shift her pain. […]

Podcast Episode 039

039: The Next Level of Consciousness for Love & Healing If you are working on healing OR if you are someone who has been experiencing a deep feeling of loneliness, then this episode can be very helpful for you! In this episode, Brandy coaches a live volunteer, Catherine, who has been suffering from migraines for […]

Podcast Episode 038

038: What’s causing your low energy? & BLM, I can breathe… My volunteer on today’s podcast has felt limited by several things including shame about where she grew up, the color of her skin (BLM), and several negative patterns that have been running in her life. This negative energy has been blocking her success […]

Podcast Episode 037

037: Is your health issue (unknowingly) blocking your success? Today’s volunteer, Sukri, has been suffering from low energy and thyroid issues for several years. As we dive into the episode, you’ll hear her say the same thing that I’ve heard from many others, “As soon as I make more money, then I will be able […]

Podcast Episode 036

036:  It’s Important to Let Go of Old Hurts to Fully Step into the New! This episode made me laugh and also brought tears to my eyes… it’s just so sweet.  Today’s volunteer, Shirley, will touch your heart and simultaneously make you want to live every day to its fullest. Shirley has been suffering from […]

Podcast Episode 035

035: From Hurt and Hopeless to Feeling Elated and Motivated! This episode is SO uplifting! Today’s volunteer, Korey, spent the majority of his life feeling hurt, stuck and hating life. However, when you hear his voice and where he is today, you would never guess that. There are countless insights in this episode but the […]

Podcast Episode 034

034: Is perfectionism (unknowingly) linked to your physical pain and illness? Or manifesting negativity in your life? Many people struggle with perfectionism and yet few people ever really fully address it. Instead they have beliefs that it helps them follow through or keeps them from making a mistake.  But, as you will see with our […]

Podcast Episode 033

033: Changing Your Patterns with Money (and lack) to Help Heal Your Body! During this time in the world, where so many are worried about both the economy and health, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. It’s a bit long BUT it keeps you on your toes! It’s so VERY insightful on a […]

Podcast Episode 032

032: Money: How to Change Your Stress & Energy Around Money to Heal Your Body & Your Life Would you be surprised if you found out that stress about money was directly linked to your physical pain and ailments? My volunteer, “Linda” was shocked to find that it was affecting her ability to walk. She […]

Podcast Episode 031

031: The Top 5 Most Important Insights for Relationships & Self-healing I love this episode. It has so many powerful insights and heart-touching pieces to it. Today’s volunteer, Renata is so sweet and fun, despite having some deep relationship wounds that have been causing both emotional and physical pain. As she and I dive in, […]

Podcast Episode 030

030: Is COVID a “gift”? …Or a Loud Wake-up call? (Spiritually speaking) Spoiler alert: I don’t see COVID 19 as being a “gift”…HOWEVER, as you’ve probably heard before, “Every adversity brings with it the seed of opportunity.” BUT, the only problem with that is, as we all know, most people don’t turn adversity into a […]

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