245: Trading Victimhood for Victory: Empowering Yourself to Move Forward

Have you ever felt trapped in a cycle of blame, defensiveness, or feeling like a victim, unsure how to move forward? In this episode, Brandy Gillmore helps volunteer Jackie navigate her journey from defensiveness to empowerment. Witness a beautiful unfoldment of clarity and awareness as Brandy guides Jackie through significant mindset shifts, leading to […]

IQ-165: Are You Overlooking This Hidden Piece That’s Keeping You Stuck?

Are you stuck in a cycle of doing the right things but not seeing the results you want? Discover how to break free by identifying and addressing those overlooked issues. Brandy shares practical and spiritual insights to help you master your mind, emotions, and energy, leading to profound improvements in your health, relationships, and […]

IQ-164: Healing at a Deeper Level: Transforming Your Consciousness for Lasting Change

Have you ever wondered why some healing journeys lead to lasting transformation while others only scratch the surface? In this week’s Quick IQ episode, Brandy dives deep into the often-overlooked emotional factors that can make or break your healing process. She shares profound insights into the surprising role of subconscious emotions and how they […]

IQ-163: Real Change: The Key to Transformation

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to change their lives overnight while others struggle for years? What does it really take to change your life? Are you just going through the motions but resisting true change? Discover the subtle yet profound distinction between superficial changes and deep, genuine transformation. In this IQ […]

IQ-162: Establishing Healthy ‘Emotional Interpretations’ for Healing

Many of us unknowingly overlook pivotal aspects that are essential for true healing. In this quick IQ episode, Brandy delves into the often-overlooked keys to healing, shedding light on the necessity of scrutinizing how we interpret and react to information. Discover the importance of reprogramming our responses to foster healthier emotional reactions and deeper […]

241: Embracing Change – Finding Excitement and Safety in Healing

Do you ever feel trapped by your own expectations, frustrated by not being perfect? Join Brandy in this insightful episode as she works with a lovely volunteer facing chronic pain as well as deep-seated emotions of self-disappointment and frustration. Explore the often hidden emotions of feeling stuck and learn how to turn these challenges […]

IQ-161: Are You Missing These 2 Simple Yet Crucial Insights?

People often overlook crucial insights that can be pivotal to their success in self-healing and life transformation. This isn’t due to the difficulty of working with the mind, but rather the abundance of misconceptions. In today’s episode, Brandy highlights two critical oversights that, when addressed, can lead to radical change. Most people are unknowingly […]

240: Healing Through Self-Awareness & Transforming Your Emotional Reflexes

Are your subconscious patterns secretly affecting your health and happiness? In this eye-opening episode, Brandy explores the surprising connections between love, illness, and our deeply ingrained emotional responses. Join Brandy as she works with a volunteer, Jamie, you’ll uncover how common cultural norms, childhood experiences, and emotional patterns can link love to illness in […]

IQ-160: Doing the ‘Right Thing’ Can Be Healing and Rewarding

The concept of “doing the right thing” may seem straightforward, yet many fail to recognize its hidden impact on their health. That is what I love about today’s episode. It provides a very powerful reminder that doing the right thing can be both healing and rewarding. What is even more insightful is that overcoming […]

IQ-159: Uncovering the Layers of People Pleasing & Emotional Patterns

Could there be hidden emotional patterns driving your people-pleasing behaviors? In this episode, join Brandy Gillmore as she delves into the intricate layers of people-pleasing and the emotional patterns that drive it. Brandy explores how these behaviors impact our health and wellbeing, uncovering the hidden connections between our emotional habits and physical health. Learn […]

238: Overcoming People Pleasing for Better Health and Relationships

Have you ever wondered how constantly seeking approval and avoiding conflict might be affecting your health? People-pleasing is a common behavior that many engage in, often without realizing the toll it takes on their well-being. By consistently prioritizing others’ needs above your own and striving to keep the peace, you might be compromising your […]

IQ-158: Identifying Two Subconscious Connections to Pain and/or Illness

Today’s podcast episode is very revealing. Not only does it help you to further understand how illness can get linked up in the subconscious mind, it also helps highlight just how easy this can be and even how common this is in our culture. Furthermore, what I also love about this episode is that […]

237: Transforming Hidden Patterns: The Healing Power of Perspective

This episode is packed with transformative insights as we dive deep into the healing power of perspective and the profound impact it can have on our lives. Join Brandy as she works with a beautiful volunteer and explore how deeply ingrained patterns, sometimes rooted in our subconscious fears and past traumas, can perpetuate pain, […]

IQ-157: Top 3 Reasons People Remain Stuck in Mind-Body Self-Healing

Have you ever wondered why so many people struggle to harness the true power of the mind-body connection to achieve radical results in their health and life? If we all possess this innate power, why do some people seem to have better “luck” seeing results than others? In this week’s episode, we dive deep […]

236: How Awareness Shifts You from Powerlessness to Empowerment

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, obligated, or guilty in a relationship? These patterns can perpetuate themselves, creating a cycle that feels impossible to escape, similar to running on a hamster wheel. Such emotions can be linked to stress, illness, depression, and further overwhelm. However, the exciting part is that the more we become aware […]

IQ-156: To Achieve Healing, Correcting ‘Miswired’ Mind Programming is Key

Have you ever stopped to consider how the stories we tell ourselves shape our reality? In this quick IQ episode, Brandy answer’s a listener’s question. It speaks volumes about the importance of understanding our mind’s programming in our journey towards healing. Listen in as Brandy takes a down-to-earth look at the concept of miswired […]

235: Rewiring Emotional Patterns for Healthier Relationships and Self-Healing

Have you ever wondered how your thought patterns could be affecting your life? In this episode, Brandy explores the power of thinking patterns and their impact on our health, happiness, and relationships. As Brandy helps her lovely volunteer, Marie, navigate her own patterns, several profound insights unfold that you can apply to your own […]

IQ-155: Are You Making This Mistake? (Most People Are)

If you’ve listened to previous episodes, then you’ve witnessed Brandy working with volunteers, guiding them to make radical changes and even relieving their own pain in a matter of minutes using their own minds. You’ve likely noticed from these sessions how seemingly effortless Brandy makes this appear. However, there are specific techniques/strategies that Brandy uses […]

IQ-154: Understanding Mind-Body Healing

Have you ever wondered why some people excel at mastering new skills while others struggle? The answer lies in understanding. Take learning to use a computer, for instance—it can start off frustrating and difficult. However, the more we understand, the easier it becomes to be successful. This principle applies equally to mind-body healing. Whether you’re […]

233: Break Free from Burnout and Self-Criticism to Reclaim Your Health and Happiness

Do you find yourself constantly battling burnout and harsh criticism from yourself or others? We’ve all heard that burnout can impact your health, but what about the subtle ways it intertwines with self-criticism to affect our happiness and well-being? It’s easy to recognize the signs of burnout—the exhaustion, the feeling of hitting a wall—but […]

IQ-153: Shifting Money Stress to Promote Healing, Happiness and Love

Do you ever wonder if the anxiety from your finances is affecting your health? In today’s quick IQ episode, we dive into the profound impact that financial stress can have on both your wallet and your wellness. Brandy shares insights into the intricate connections between monetary strain and physical ailments, offering insights and practical […]

232: Feeling “Not Good Enough” – Creating Confidence & Self-Healing

This episode is sweet, brilliant, and insightful! Brandy works with a beautiful volunteer, Demi, who has been suffering from heightened levels of stress. This stress has been creating tension throughout her body and shoulders, causing her to clench her jaws and disrupting her ability to feel at peace. However, the stress did not make […]

IQ-152: A 3-Minute Exercise for Mind-Body Healing

Sometimes we learn the most from a simple hands-on experience. That’s one of the many things that are really profound about today’s episode is that all of the time, Brandy mentions how the more she was able to get clear with her mind on what she needed to do, the easier it was for […]

231: Hidden Factors for Self-Healing and Long-Covid

Have you ever wondered whether the force that is keeping you stuck on your healing and life transformation journey lies hidden within the recesses of your own mind? In this episode, Brandy works with a lovely volunteer, Lauren, on a profound exploration of the subconscious, unveiling beliefs that have silently shaped her health, relationships, […]

IQ-151: The Importance of a Deeper Understanding of Your Mind

Remember when you first started using a computer or a new cell phone? It might have felt challenging to navigate and get the results you wanted. But as you learned and advanced your skills, it became easier. The same is true when it comes to mind-body healing. The deeper your understanding of your own […]

230: The Key to Lasting Healing and Transformation

The keys to achieving radical results include an insightful understanding of the subconscious mind, a willingness to change, and a commitment to follow through. In today’s episode, Brandy guides a wonderful volunteer, Victoria, who exemplifies these principles beautifully. During her session with Brandy, Victoria uncovers patterns hidden within her subconscious, previously unknown to her, that […]

229: Can You Release Pain in 20 Minutes?

Could your greatest strengths be holding you back? All of us have qualities that make us who we are, but what if the very things we think of as our strengths can also be our biggest hindrances? In this week’s volunteer episode Brandy works with our beautiful volunteer Gloria who has been experiencing pain for […]

Extra Healing Insight: “The 4-Minute Mind™”

One of the biggest challenges to getting real results with mind-body healing is the fact that there’s a lot of misconceptions. And that information may seem a bit tricky. That said, in today’s episode, Brandy adds more clarity to the topic of belief and its role in mind, body healing. Many are familiar with the […]

IQ-149: Four Key Insights to Improving Your Intuition and Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom

Have you ever pondered how to harness your intuition more effectively, aligning your decisions with your deepest desires and goals? Leaders and visionaries, including Einstein with his famous endorsement of intuition as a ‘sacred gift,’ and Oprah, a long-time advocate of intuitive guidance, have long celebrated the power of intuition. Einstein publicly credited his groundbreaking […]

228: Identifying Ingrained Patterns & Suppressed Feelings To Radically Heal

Today’s episode offers profound insights on how ingrained patterns can hinder self-healing. Additionally, it can be common for people to unknowingly reinforce the very patterns that are affecting their health. This is more common than most people may realize, which is part of what makes this episode so profound: it is easy to observe how […]

227: Uncovering Hidden Complexities – Insights to Break Free and Heal

Do you ever feel like there are unseen forces holding you back from healing and progressing in life, despite your efforts to improve your health and well-being? In this episode, Brandy explores the intricate depths of our minds and emotions, unraveling the concealed patterns and emotional ties that subtly impact our well-being, relationships, and healing […]

IQ-147: Beyond “Belief” – Tapping Into the Body’s Subtle Signals for Deep Healing

During Brandy’s period of injury, she experienced certain events and profound realizations that played a crucial role in providing her with the clarity and understanding necessary for self-healing. In today’s episode, Brandy not only shares some of the most significant insights but also presents a simple yet impactful exercise designed to help you create […]

226: Unmasking The Hidden Emotions Connected to Physical Pain

Have you ever considered how deeply your emotions, hidden away in your subconscious, can influence your physical health? In this episode, Brandy delves into the fascinating connection between the mind and body, revealing how unresolved emotional patterns can manifest as physical symptoms and pain. All too often, these subconscious emotions, including those we may […]

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